Seaweeds Used in Animal Feed | Borvo Nutrients

In Ireland seaweed has been traditionally used in animal feed, fed to horses, cows, sheep and chickens. The main seaweed that was used was Ascophyllum nodosum as it was widely available in abundant quantities. Nowadays this is still the main brown seaweed fed to livestock and pets as it is the cheapest seaweed to buy.

However if you want a wider range of benefits then it is best to use seaweeds from the red, green and brown seaweed families as they will contribute different beneficial bioactive compounds into the diet. For this though it is best to use seaweeds from outside Europe as they are far cheaper with the red and green seaweeds found in Irish waters being used primarily for food and fetching a high price at market.

If you require seaweed blends for pets, fish, sheep, poultry, horses, dairy cows or swine, please get in touch.