Seaweed Species Available for Sale

At Borvo Nutrients we sell a wide range of seaweeds found Irish seawaters. To help our customers in deciding which seaweed fits their needs we have put together information on the seaweeds that we sell. For further information on any of the below seaweeds click on the name to be brought to the product page. If you require an overview of seaweeds for animal feed, cosmetics etc. please click on any of the headings.

 Latin Name Common Names Animal Feed Cosmetics Fertiliser Food Extracts Supplements
Alaria esculenta Irish Wakame | Atlantic Wakame | Dabberlocks | Winged Kelp
Ascophyllum nodosum Asco | Egg Wrack | Knotted Wrack Animal Feed Cosmetics Fertiliser Food
Asparagopsis armata Harpoon Weed | Harvey Animal Feed
Chondrus crispus Carrageen | Irish Moss Cosmetics Food Extracts Supplements
Fucus serratus Toothed Wrack | Serrated Wrack Animal Feed Cosmetics Fertiliser Extracts Supplements
Fucus vesiculosis Bladder Wrack | Rock Weed Animal Feed Cosmetics Fertiliser Extracts Supplements
Himanthalia elongata Sea Spaghetti | Sea Thong | Thongweed Food
Laminaria digitata Oarweed Food Extracts
Laminaria hyperborea Extracts
Palmaria palmata Dillisk | Duilleasc | Dillisk Food
Porphyra sp. Nori Food
Sargassum muticum Japanese wireweed Animal Feed Fertiliser Food
Saccharina latissimi Formerly Laminaria saccharina Food
Ulva intestinalis Gutweed | Sea Lettuce Food
Ulva lactuca Sea Lettuce Food
Ulva rigida Sea Lettuce Food